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Eyes Closed
This Is

Something Wonderful

Breathwork to
Heal Your Mind, Body & Spirit 

What is Breathwork?
How Can it Help Me?

Active Guided Breathwork is a Practice to Support Personal Growth and Healing​

This is not yoga, meditation, or focused breathing to relax. This is very different.

It’s a powerful conscious connected breathing technique that can release anxiety, trauma, shame, sadness, grief, anger, fear, insecurities, negative thought loops…whatever it is you’ve been carrying.


​ Do you have emotions you would like to let go of? Have you been unsuccessfully “dealing with it”, or stuff it down and try not to think about it? Distractions, self-medicating or trying to convince yourself to “Get over it”, or saying you’re “FINE” does not make it go away.You can release it and heal your heart!


It's not only for release. We also bring in clarity, love, gratitude and empowerment!I have seen it completely transform people even after just one session.  ​


If you want to bring more love, gratitude and peace into your life,

If you just want to FEEL BETTER, then this is for you!


"Breathwork is an incredible tool that will clear emotions out of your nervous system. It works! It’s immediate and it’s undeniable, but you have to do it to find out for yourself."  

                                                                          - Jon Paul Crimi


How Does It Work? 

The pattern of Conscious Connected Breathwork allows you to decrease the amount of CO2 in your system. As your body compensates, certain areas of your brain have more activity and in other areas, like the frontal cortex, there is less activity. This is the part of your brain responsible for mental constructs, the self, the ego (Crimi, 2022). This is your self-critic, repeating stories and negative thought loops. With less activity, this part of your brain gets a rest. With guidance, you can connect to your true self and release stress, anxiety and deep emotions. 

You control the pace and decide how much you are ready for. You are completely in control during the sessions.

It's very important to explore this modality with a practitioner who is skilled to navigate the entire spectrum of possibilities. I have a Masters in Social Work and I am a Certified Breathwork Facilitator.  

Sessions generally last 1.5 hours. Contact me for more details and to book appointments.


Relaxing Massage Therapy

 A one-on-one personal session offers a more comprehensive and personal experience. Sessions can be in-person or virtual.



For couples seeking to mend or strengthen their relationship, or just to bring more love, peace & gratitude into their lives. A couple can be spouses, partners, child/parent, siblings, friends, co-workers, any 2 people in a relationship.


Yoga Studio

Group sessions are great for friends/family gatherings, social events, retreats, staff & corporate events. 

You must try this! You can tell that Candy really cares and I felt comfortable and safe enough to let myself cry and truly feel what I was experiencing. I didn't want it to be over! Next time, I want my mother and sister to do it with me.

Amanda H.

Something Wonderful Breathwork is amazing! Our session was so empowering. It was a life-changing experience, and Candy is a wonderful teacher! We are already looking forward to working with her again.

Thomas R.

I haven't cried since I was a teenager. I was not expecting to be moved so deeply. Breathwork really is Something Wonderful.

Dallas G.

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